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It's a wrap

Posted on 03/10/2009 at 23:26:01 by MakTheYak

Well finally, I think I've done it.

OK so I wanted to wrap up all my strips so I could concentrate on a new one without any nagging loose ends hanging about. I've uploaded all my Yak sketches, converted all my old Marmaduke strips into web format. Man, everything is up on this site. We're talking about my entire archive of cartooning, limited as it may be.

A little while ago (OK a long while ago) I wrote 3 strips for Bob's Your Uncle to kind of round it off a bit and make it feel like it kind of ended. The first of those strips I drew in January. 2008. The last, I drew today. Yes, it's taken almost 2 years to get through 3 strips. That really makes me feel kind of unproductive and I guess it's entirely justified!

Anyway there it is... enjoy. Of course it's been left way open in case I ever want to start drawing it again but that probably won't happen... new ideas tend to get in the way of that sort of thing. Onwards and upwards!

So when I make my long-time-coming return to the webcomics world I will have a new (or new-look) strip and a new site. It'll be epic, trust me. If you want to be kept in the loop, just subscribe to the RSS or you can even follow me on Twitter! I protect my tweets but don't worry, I'll approve you so long as you don't look like a spam bot ;)

Until then, I bid you adieu!



Shiny new RSS feed

Posted on 24/07/2009 at 19:01:30 by MakTheYak

Hey Yak fans! Check it out - we've got a shiny new URL for your RSS feeds.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, this probably doesn't concern you as much, but I'll explain later. For those that get exactly what I'm on about, you will want to point your RSS reader at this new address:

This has the dual purpose of a) providing an address that isn't going to change, even if the site does. This means I can tinker to my hearts content and flip the site on it's head if I wanted to but all your news will still come through the same place. And b) it tells me how many of you lovely people are actually reading what I'm writing. This allows my ego to be inflated (or crushed, depending on the results) in real-time. Science in action!

For those of you who are still in the dark about RSS, let me explain. It stands for 'really simple syndication' or 'rich site summary'. It all boils down to being able to read all the news and updates from the sites you are interested in all in one handy location.

Online, there's Google Reader. For the Mac there's NetNewsWire. For PC there are plenty available but you'd better hunt around as I haven't found one I really love yet...

Try it out - you might just like it!



New Bob's Your Uncle

Posted on 25/04/2009 at 23:57:53 by MakTheYak

My my! This is a turn up for the books...

Remember back at the beginning of 2008 when I said I was going to post 3 more Bob strips to sort of tidy off the story and put it to bed until a time when I might want to use it again? Well here's the second strip!

Rest assured you'll see the conclusion, however satisfying or unsatisfying you may find it, a lot sooner than you saw this one!



Archive complete...

Posted on 21/03/2009 at 12:03:34 by MakTheYak

That's it folks, with this comic the archive is complete. I have (to my knowledge) archived on this site every single piece of sequential or series-based artwork I have produced to date.

Of course this excludes the countless doodles that I have produced over the course of my years in this life but if they are any good I have no doubt they will make it in some form into a comic.

I had set myself the goal of having started drawing comics again regularly by the time the last of The Yaks went up. I've been posting the Yak pictures up every Saturday for the past 24 weeks which gave me almost 6 months to get my act together and yet other commitments keep getting in the way. The Yaks took about 20-30 minutes to clean up from the original scanned artwork from over 10 years ago so it wasn't that which was taking up my time.

Over the next 11 days I hope to get some of my other commitments out of the way. This isn't to say I will be able to start drawing again in 11 days but I hope to be a good step closer. If I pull it off it's going to be ace!

Before I start drawing again I want to have an ace site to put it on. The current version of The Yak Shack is great but as a programmer it's old and outdated. I'm surprised I've managed to get so many jobs based on my web development skills with it in my portfolio and so it needs a bit of redevelopment to bring it up to date. Once I've done that I will be ready to start pumping out the toons again, which really encourages me to get on and get it done!

News is sporadic here at best and so if you're interested in keeping up to date but want it to be with the minimal amount of hassle just register and make sure you choose to receive the email updates, or subscribe to the RSS feed. And don't worry, the new site will even have bits explaining what RSS is for the uninitiated!


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